This is Coull!

I don’t know if I’m a whore for advertising, but I really love this idea. Coull is an interactive video platform. It allows companies to “tag” their advertising video to find out more about their target audience, sell the items tagged and/or market their products.

W.O.W. – this takes Internet advertising to the next level! I can imagine this being incorporated into online TV. While watching the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy (now sponsored by Discovery Health) you could click on the insurance policy a bleeding man is holding and find out how to insure against leg amputations. Or whatever. 

Imagine watching a news piece and buying the same blouse the anchor is wearing! I hope you wash it before you wear it. You never know where those anchors have been.

Seriously: I think this is a great way for advertisers to engage with their audience. It’s fun for the audience as well. Sitting in front of the PC screen can be boring, even when watching something unbelievably exciting such as the news. However, this is a way in which the user can interact with what’s happening on the screen. Online games are very popular and this speaks for the interest in interactivity that users are expressing.

The reason I am suggesting this for online TV is simple: who is going to browse the web for ads? Unless you’re paid for it, you won’t consider watching an online ad. Coull speaks of these ads going viral. Seriously? “Hey Fred, I just saw this GREAT ad for smarties. Check it out! Cheers, Tammy.” If Tammy ever sent you this email, she’s quite a dull friend.


Nice stockings!

Those are awesome stockings in that Agent Provocateur ad. My boyfriend would love these on me. Let’s click on them.

Clicking on the stockings leads you straight to a \"Buy Now\" window.

Wow! I can order them right here and now. Nifty.


~ by Ines Schumacher on 5 May 2008.

5 Responses to “This is Coull!”

  1. Sounds like an intersting and prosperous idea! It’s just a little sad that most people nowadays focus more on what a news anchor is wearing rather than what he/she is actually saying…

    Inspector Gadget

  2. I’m also an advertising whore, so I like this idea as well. However, those looking for serioius news are probably going to be in an uproar about this type of advertising ‘cos it detracts from the actual content.

  3. Inspector Gadget: my grandmother always comments on what the anchor is wearing! It’s quite funny, really. Imagine sitting with her and watching a bomb blow up a train with her nattering away: “Gertrude is wearing that horrible brooch again!”

    Bloggingsocialmedia: I agree! I think it’s a goog idea for advertisers, but I think the media-producers wouldn’t be too thrilled about it. But if they want to supply their product cheaply over the Internet, they might not have another choice!

  4. Honestly speaking, my girlfriends and I really talk about what a woman in a romantic comedy is wearing. We’ll says: “Hmm, I love her shoes”, or “That top looks really good”. Doesn’t mean we want to buy them (in fact we can’t afford the technology to buy this stuff so we’d rather just get the shoes).

    On the other hand, I don’t think companies have much choice but to advertise in programme now, since ad-revenue will probably be increasingly obsolete.

  5. I know I just leave to make myself a sandwich or something during adbreaks. Plus, a company has no way to check how many people really viewed their ad. The TV channel can tell them the numbers for their programme, but they can’t measure how many people are physically present at the time of the ad showing.

    This way, the companies can measure how many viewers they have, how many clicks they got and if they got any direct sales.

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