Take control of your TV (before it takes control of you)

People are getting damn lazy. And DStv knows it. For the low, low price of R2999* (incl. Vat but excl. dish and installation) you too can get their latest consumer fad. Their Personal Video Recorder (PVR) has ‘revolutionised’ the way in which people watch tv. They now watch it like couch potato vermin.

Who on earth would want to record 80 hours of television? When are you ever going to watch all the bullshit you taped? Sure, your dinner with granny got in the way of the Soccer World Cup, but that’s why you have a good ol’ video recorder. Sturdy and durable. It’s a myth that people don’t know how to use those things – I read the instruction manual and hey, presto! we have ourselves taping what’s on the telly.

However, there are so many channels to choose from nowadays, that we can’t just watch one. Oh, no! We have to overindulge. And we can do exactly that with the PVR! You can watch 2 different channels while recording a third! Movies are so predictable nowadays that you might even be able to pull it off.

But wait, there’s more! You can even pause live tv when you need to listen to your nagging wife. Does anyone see where I’m going with this?

Our lives are becoming increasingly “easier”. But what most people don’t see is that our lives are being controlled by big companies. They use our laziness as the perfect excuse to direct money-flow in their direction. The extreme example of this is this little beauty:

Known as NapTv (as seen on cherryflava.com), it lets the viewer lie down below the tv and chill (imagine it standing on its legs). Who knows, you might even fall asleep! And when you don’t need it anymore, just stand it in the corner and use it as a chair. It’s the ideal toy to hide your porn collection from said nagging wife. Perfect.

All these ‘ease of use’ policies we see translating into ‘convenience’ are just making us mindless consumers of more tv than we really need. We don’t need someone to wipe our arses for us. No, really.


~ by Ines Schumacher on 13 April 2008.

2 Responses to “Take control of your TV (before it takes control of you)”

  1. Yep, I agree, tv companies are creating a lazy generation – all in the name of “convenience”.
    It’s interesting, when I go home and rediscover DSTV, I spend the first three days deciding what to watch. For me, DSTV is “So much more (confusing)”. There may be hundreds of channels, but the fact is you can only watch one programme at a time.
    Finally on the fourth day, I start getting a sense of dejavu (especially from MTV and E!). What choices are consumers being offered if the content and content quality is not improving?

  2. I find it confusing as well! I am sure E! replays about 80% of their content every week.

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